Little Sluggers- 5&6 Year Olds

Little Sluggers
In the Little Sluggers league, coaches are introducing their teams for the jump to coach pitch league.  Coaches will stand approximately 10'-15' in from of the player and pitch 3 underhand pitches.  If no contact is made, a tee is brought out to hit from.  Players are introduced to the skills necessary to play baseball and softball. 
Volunteer parent managers and coaches teach the game through a 6 game schedule. Teams are encouraged to practice once per week.  Games are played on Tuesday evenings, but could be played on other weeknights.  Teams are created by Recreation Commission staff.  There are no standings or post season games at this level. New in 2020 - All games played at the Baldwin City Sports Complex.  Any registration received after the deadline will be assessed a $15 late fee.
Games will begin - July 6th at the earliest
Fee:  $40
Deadline:  Friday, June 5th, 2020 

League Information

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