Lunch Bunch:

Meet us there or ride along. Register for all lunch bunch outings.


Fee:          $3

Date:        March 12, Southern Eats, Paola, KS


                           April 14 @ 4:00 pm, Kobe Japanese Steakhouse,    Lawrence, KS


                 May 14, Guy & Mae’s, Williamsburg, KS


Time:        11 am

Ghost Tour at Vaile Mansion:

Apex Paranormal will be leading our investigating into the paranormal world at the Vaile Mansion. From a family home, to asylum, and then a final resting place for the elderly, this mansion holds a priceless piece of history in the heart of Independence, MO. Apex Paranormal will use up to date technology and equipment to help us better understand the unknown. Minimum is 5 participants. This is a 3 hour session from 8 pm to 11 pm. Maximum of 15 participants.

 Fee: $37

Date: April 23

Time: 6:45 pm



Trails Day Café & Museum(Council Grove):

With its’ foundation laid in Kansas Territory, the Rawlinson-Terwilliger Home was built alongside the famed Santa Fe Trail as Kansas became the 34th state. Here diners enjoy museum surroundings and a dining experience with history. Guests are transported back to a time when some homes along the Santa Fe Trail served as eating places. We are not a “fast Food”, so be prepared to take your time to enjoy a relaxing time reading, exploring and having a fun time tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing and being surrounded by history and culture!   The McClintock’s are looking forward to providing lunch and    giving history lessons!

Fee:    $20

Date: April 27

Time: 9:45 am


JAWBATS Tour in Baldwin City:

The foundation for JAWbats was formed when owner Jacob Walters was just 16. He grew up with two passions in his life: wood turning and baseball. Those passions converged when Jacob turned out his first baseball bat during the summer of his sophomore year of high school. From that point on, his skill and zeal for creating beautiful, effective baseball bats grew. While playing college baseball, the endless road trips, sleepless nights and Jacob’s love of the game helped him focus on bettering his product. Jacob’s own drive for perfection in both playing and creating built the foundation upon which JAWbats was formed. In the middle of his collegiate career, in June of 2012, JAWbats, L.L.C. was born. This company has opened his doors to us right here in Baldwin City. Join us for a tour and brief information about this company. Afterwards, if you desire, we can meet at The Nook for conversation.


Date: April 7

Time: 1 pm


If it’s Monday-This must be Murder-Garnett, KS:

Harry Monday is a throwback to the private detectives of 1940’s black and white movies. Only Harry is more gum-on-your-shoe than gumshoe. He’s posing as a golf playing psychiatrist at the Shady Meadows Country Club. “A place where old polyester goes to die,” says Harry, after club members start dropping like divots on the duffer’s course. And the club members aren’t much saner than he is: a prima donna club president, an astrological moon child, a Wall Street ad man, and someone claiming to be the twin of a missing club member. They’re all dropping red herrings in their wake. Throw in a naïve supervisor, a sultry, hard-hearted dame and a surly police sergeant and you have to figure “If It’s Monday, This Must be Murder!”

Fee: $29

Date: June 4, 2020

Time: 5:15 pm


Chateau Avalon Tour:

The Chateau Avalon combines the charm of a bed and breakfast with the fun of Vegas. They offer uniquely and luxurious them rooms. Our group will be able to tour a few of these rooms, and see how the rich and famous party in style. After our tour, we will head to the Yard House for 1/2 price appetizers and pizza., or you can order from their menu.

Fee:         $5

Date:       July 14

Time:      12:30 pm


Boulevard Beer Tasting & Rosedale BBQ:

Your taste buds will thank you for this outing! Famous Rosedale’s BBQ and then short drive down the road for beer tasting at Boulevard Brewery. Tasting cost is separate from fee, depending on brand-$5 to $10 per flight of 4 beers.


Fee:         $5 (Tasting fee is separate)

Date:       August 20

Time:      10:30 am